Tetrakursio has been acquired by Cyferd LTD on 10 January 2022

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About Tetrakursio

Our backend platform as a service (PaaS) is focused on our exploration of the concept of recursion, which is in part inspired by Russian Matryoshka or nesting dolls.

Traditional Matryoshka dolls are a set of figurines that nest inside one another. Each larger doll is reliant on the previous smaller doll that it encases; so we have similarly aimed to exemplify recursion in our platform. In our context, recursion is the process of one value or object relying on itself or its predecessor to perform operations. Just like each Matryoshka doll is necessary for the functioning of the next one, recursion is an integral part of software process engineering.

The problem

The solution

  • Many existing platforms and processes are not built with recursion in mind. This means that recursive processes like event services or message queues can cause unnecessary strain on the architecture of a platform.

    Generally, this problem requires coding to manage the upkeep of existing frameworks and creates challenges when processes need to be added or modified to meet changing business needs. This adds complexity and difficulty to both the software and the development team. 

  • Our T-ReX platform is built with recursion at its heart and is constructed for the modern world where processes are highly distributed, complex, and often recursive in nature. We offer a back end that can:

    • Run enterprise applications.
    • Compute cost allocation models.
    • Process complex workflows.
    • Integrate with external systems.
    • Process many of the more common calculation and transformation processes directly.

How it works:

Why Tetrakursio is different

We offer a platform that covers all of the core functions and components you need to build out your enterprise applications with ease. Competitors depend on highly skilled developers to run and manage their complex code in the cloud; this makes it harder to fully utilise all of the technology on offer.

We offer a massively scalable engine to developers that removes the complexity associated with building and managing distributed recursive applications. With our platform, developers are better equipped to deal with the complexities of web and mobile apps within the modern enterprise.

Benefits of our Platform

Focus on the
business problem

Our platform simplifies back-end application processes for developers. With our approach, developers can relax knowing that infrastructures, workflows, and automation can be carefully and easily managed. A smooth and efficient back-end process ensures that companies can spend more resources and focus on front-end operations, contributing to an intuitive user experience and user interface.


We offer out of the box integrations to common programs to allow you to create whatever process you need. Add custom integration setups for those specifics we’ve not already covered for you. 

Optimize your costs
as you scale to any size

Our scalable engine will ramp up to meet the workload demand and only consume what is required, keeping a lid on your costs as your solution goes viral.